Get Amazing Traffic & Sales Boosts
With a Local SEO Agency

Local SEO has become non-negotiable for your business success.

And this isn’t just my personal opinion: The data from several independent studies say so.

A Local SEO Agency is a digital marketing team dedicated to improving your business’ ranking on local listings found on the search engine results pages (SERP) while driving online local customers and traffic to your website and store.

Local SEO Agency Team

Businesses hire a Local SEO Agency because studies have unveiled that 4 in 5 customers turn to search engines for local information.

And because 18% of those searches made from a smartphone lead to a sale within one day.

Those numbers are staggering, especially when you consider that traditional methods (such as team sales cold calling) have a conversion rate of 1.7% on average.

Local SEO Ranking and Revenue

Businesses that hire a Local SEO Agency understand that they can thrive in difficult, competitive environments because SEO Services for Small Business not only passively generates leads and sales every month.

It also helps them build their brand and position themselves as authorities in their fields, among other benefits.

Here’s why you should hire a local SEO agency today:

Why Your Business Should Hire a Local SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing your website’s content so that it ranks for commercial keywords that your (potential) customers are already typing into search engines such as Google and Bing.

A Local SEO Agency is able to track down which keywords customers in your area are typing to find similar products and services, and then plan a highly targeted campaign that will position your website on Google’s first page.

This ensures you’ll get most of this valuable traffic.

Local SEO Agency SEO Keywords

Traffic varies depending on the keywords you wish to rank for, but market trends state most people begin their research online. So, not being indexed by Google is already costing your business money.

Hiring a Local SEO Agency makes sense because 97% of consumers (almost everyone) check a business’ online presence before deciding whether to buy from them.

Consumers That Check a Business' Online Presence vs. Those That Don't

That’s huge.

Now consider this: 88% of all consumers end up interacting with local businesses within the first 24 hours of searching for them on their mobile devices.

How Local SEO Agency Get Businesses More Customers

This means that responsive web design services are more crucial than ever. Assuring mobile devices can browse your website is a cornerstone consideration in all our campaigns.

This means that responsive web design services are more crucial than ever. Assuring mobile devices can browse your website is a must for any and all your campaigns.

Else, you’re losing money to your competitors, every day.

Understanding these key pieces of information, along with many years of experience, has allowed us to craft efficient local SEO campaigns for our customers that both adapt to consumer trends (covering shifts in local information searches and highly converting mobile users), as well as Google’s algorithm.

Here’s how we can help:

What Our Local SEO Agency Can Do for You

Get More Local Customers

Our Local SEO Agency targets local customers that are ready to buy your products.

Studies show that 72% of consumers who performed a local search, visited a retailer within a 5-mile radius, which is why your local SEO campaign must be customized for customers within a specific distance from your business.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly with SEO Services for Small Business

Responsive Web Design

DASUS Local SEO Agency focuses on making your website mobile-friendly, so you can reach out to 88% of consumers that browse for your services on their smartphones.

After all, keeping up with consumer trends is part of conducting a successful local SEO campaign!

What is SEO Ranking: Authority

High Quality Leads – And Conversions!

Our Local SEO Agency provides high quality leads. SEO campaigns can have up to 14.6% conversion rate. The nearest conversion rate for other outbound methods, such as cold-calling, are around 1.7%.

Target Local Customers with SEO Services for Small Business

Businesses that perform a deliberate, data-driven SEO campaign will not only target visitors that are ready to purchase products and/or services, they’ll also build their brand over time.

Here’s how we do it:


SEO-Generated leads have a 14.6% average conversion rate,
While direct mails have a 1.7% conversion rate.

Would you like to get more customers?

How Our Local SEO Agency Works

Our Local SEO Agency assigns an account manager that maintains a direct line of communication with you and leads the Local SEO Agency team in charge of your campaign.

Complete SEO Audit

First, we scan your website’s complete web structure to detect:

  • Technical SEO issues,
  • On-page optimization opportunities,
  • HTML markups, schema markups,
  • Backlink profile and more.

Thorough Keyword Research

A major part of our SEO consultant services revolves around performing thorough keyword research that uncovers commercial keywords your business needs to target ASAP.

These keywords will be the cornerstone of your web structure and SEO campaign, which is why our local SEO agency crosscheck across different databases for accurate data.

Complete SEO Campaign Plan

After we’ve organized keywords from highest to lowest priority, we present you a full Local SEO campaign plan that will generate the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

That way, you’ll know your short, medium- and long-term expectation and goals your business can look forward to.

SEO Ranking Optimization Checklist

SEO Campaign Implementation

An SEO Consultant specialized in local SEO rankings works alongside a web designer, proven copywriters and a web analytics specialist to track and maximize your local campaign resources.

SEO Services for Small Business can take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete, but as a Local SEO Agency, we’re confident that you’ll renew our services at the end of every month simply because we guarantee deliverables on a monthly basis.

This is why we work with monthly, renewable contracts.

Backlink Portfolio Audit

Our SEO consultant services also take a deep look at your current link profile and recommend new link-building opportunities for your website.

With a focus on topical relevance and link quality, our link-building prospecting services can give your SEO rankings the boost it needs.

SEO Consultant Services Backlink Audit

Web Analytics Monthly Reports

Web Analytics and goals tracking is an essential part of our SEO Consultant services. Tracking your SEO efforts in real-time and determining which adjustments are necessary is key for a successful SEO Campaign.

Sometimes, a well thought out strategy crafted six months ago becomes considerably weaker due to

  • Google Algorithm Updates, or
  • New market trends that have rendered it useless.

Weekly or Monthly Google Analytics Reports Overview

Our SEO Consultant Services include a monthly breakdown of this report over Skype, or other real-time communication tools that allow you to understand:

  • Where your SEO campaign stands,
  • What needs fixing, and
  • Which goals your business has successfully reached.

We, as fellow business owners, understand the importance of transparency and generating real solutions to your needs.

This is why these data-backed reports are such a key part of our SEO Consultant Services.

All the content our team creates for your company becomes your property. These deliverables are tailor-made to generate value to your organization throughout many years, in the form of highly targeted local customers and sales.

From written content to infographics, all the content developed during your SEO campaign becomes yours – no hidden fees!

Local SEO Agency: Deliverables Become Your Property!

Our Local SEO Agency also adapts to different budgets, and most importantly, your business goals.

When it comes to local business rankings, we take into account Google’s algorithm most important variables, as well as key services such as citation building, Google My Business setup, and many others.

A Local SEO Agency You Can Trust

A large number of companies only work with 3-6 months’ contracts for SEO Campaigns and force you to finish these digital marketing contracts without providing clear proof or results of their work.

Our Local SEO Agency offers monthly renewal contracts because we’re confident you’ll see remarkable progress, mesmerizing deliverables and monthly web analytics reports that guarantee your investment and online marketing efforts are in good hands.

SEO Consultant Services You Can Trust

When you win, we win.

Over 68% of growing companies believe making their customer’s company successful, is a top priority.

We at DASUS Agency believe in this philosophy. We understand that our customer’s success is tied to our own, and it’s why we go above and beyond to be the best Local SEO Agency for our clients.

Hire Your Local SEO Agency Today

Our Local SEO Agency employs SEO consultant services, web analytics experts, and web developers with many years of experience in their respective fields.

We’re proven professionals that understand your business’ local SEO campaign must be a data-driven, planned long-term efforts that must track your business goals: sales and effective traffic.

Hire Your Local SEO Agency Today!

Our combined expertise can deliver mesmerizing results for very competitive prices. Our affordable SEO packages adapt to different budgets, with one goal in mind: your business’ success.

Contact one of our SEO Consultants today using the form below, so we can talk about your business and goals today!

You can also message us on Skype: we’ll be happy to hear from you!


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