Local SEO Services Boosts Web Traffic
By 542% Under 8 months (Real Cases)

Local SEO services continue to be the key for consistent online traffic and revenue for businesses in 2019.

Today, I’m going to demonstrate with hard data that Website SEO services are fundamental to business growth.

And it’s not windows-shopping, fluff traffic: it’s customers that are genuinely interested in these website’s services contact AND purchase what they offer. Clients that all businesses need.

So, if you’re wondering how your website can help you get more customers, prepare to have your mind blown with these five real world local SEO services case studies

Before we begin, a very quick recap on what local SEO is:

What are Local SEO Services

Local SEO services are all about optimizing your business’ online presence, to better connect to real-world communities. Basically, you hire SEO consultant services to create a strategy that targets a set of highly commercial keywords your customers use every day to find the products and/or services you offer.

According to Hubspot’s latest Inbound Marketing Report, 60% of businesses said that SEO provided the highest-quality leads for their sales teams

Local SEO Services Brings Quality Leads

This goes to show just how critical search engine optimization marketing services are in today’s world. Think about it:

It means that many of these businesses’ owners would be staring at their empty store, asking themselves if starting their own business was the biggest mistake of their lives, and wondering how is it that other similar stores are packed with customers.

You can’t downplay that.

Now it’s time to let the numbers speak: Let’s take a look at how local SEO services helped some of these businesses.

Contractor in Baltimore Gets a 497% Organic Traffic Boost


This case study comes straight from a small plumbing company in Baltimore.

Like many other small businesses, their website initially didn’t do much, (it couldn’t even be accessed via smartphone!). They figured having an official online presence couldn’t hurt, but didn’t really expect customers to actually contact them.

They heard about what local SEO services can do for businesses, so they decided to boost their website with SEO services for small Business.

The numbers speak for themselves:

Local SEO Services Increases Monthly Traffic

A competend Local SEO Agency got this small HVAC and plumbing Baltimore contractor a 508% Organic Traffic growth (visitors that found their website through Google).

Investing in affordable SEO packages proved to be a game-changing call for this now thriving business: averaging over 153~ customers every month just from their website.

Just imagine how many contracts this business gets from referrals!

Local SEO: Monthly Contacts Received by Website

Needless to say, they reinvested some of their revenue into responsive web design services to make it mobile-friendly as well as maintaining their SEO rankings. Many of the search engine optimization marketing principles that work on regular websites apply, but it’s also important to adapt to your target and modify your content accordingly.

Else, chances are you won’t sell as effectively as you could.

I decided to include the next case study for everyone that’s wondering: could local SEO services work for an online store?

Absolutely. Keep reading!

Want More Customers To Find Your Website?

SEO Campaigns are a key investment for businesses in today’s world,
and the numbers prove it.


Don’t get left behind!

From Zero Visitors, to 225,000 Customers Per Month

This E-commerce website opened around May 2015. They hired someone to create their e-commerce website and register all of their inventory online, (kind of like Amazon!). But they didn’t know about local SEO services back when they first launched.

The result? No traffic. No sales. Serious trouble.

Then they decided to outsource their store’s SEO consultant services, and then the magic happened.

Local SEO Services Increases E-Commerce Site Monthly Traffic

A massive traffic and conversion spike three months after the campaign had started, and it steadily continued to grow all the way to February 2017.

Key takeaways:

  • Traffic jumped from 35,000 visitors per month, to 225,000.
  • Massive sales increase.
  • Results were noticeable three months after the campaign started

It’s worth noting that the local SEO services campaign was on-going for at least two years, but the return on investment came long before that. In fact, around September 2016 they decided to invest even more resources in their local SEO services campaign.

Our next case is a thriving small business that was transitioning into running a bigger operation. Business was good, but they understood it could be much better.


The 46% Traffic Increase That Changed Everything

This specific website belongs to a medium-large size business in the tourism industry. Their local SEO services campaign started May 2015, and after three months the results were noticeable, nearing almost 100,000 visitors per month.

But it didn’t stop there.

Local SEO Services For Medium Sized Businesses

Customers continued to pour in over the year, but their search engine optimization marketing campaign was so successful they decided to aggressively reinvest earnings into even more high value keywords.

The result?

Local SEO Services For Medium Sized Businesses

A massive 46% increase in organic visits. They went from 210,000 visitors per month, to a staggering 306,000 organic monthly visits.

Their SEO consultant services had taken them from spot 5-10 for their respective keywords, to a top 3 position on Google’s search results, which earned them a lion share of all traffic.

They key takeaway here?

Regardless of how big your business is, you’ll benefit from local SEO services.

Maryland Handyman Gets a 449% Traffic Boost

This next case study comes to us from Maryland, a small home and business remodeling contractor that also delves into plumbing.

Our contractor’s website was far from mobile friendly – it didn’t even have a contact form, or any other direct contact channel other than the business owner personal phone number listed on the homepage.

Once their website got remodeled, they chose one of the affordable SEO packages available and the visits started rolling in:

Local SEO Services For Small Businesses

Now, a jump from 85 visits to 467 monthly visits might not seem like much, but that’s a 449% increase in organic traffic! Remember that these are all highly targeted, commercial keywords that brought consistent revenue to this business. The investment to increase their SEO Ranking had paid off – massively!

Key takeaways:

Even very small operations, such as freelancing contractors can benefit from local SEO services.

Many of these customers refer their family members and friends to your business, creating a healthy snowball effect that leads you to success.

Become The Next Success Story!

According to 60% of business owners *, their best leads
Are generated through SEO.

Don’t let your competitors hog all the online customers!

*HubSpot State of Inbound 2018 Global Results.

Massive 4,342% Traffic Boost For Local Florida Roofing Company

This is, hands down, one of the most dramatic improvements I’ve seen for any business, and it’s thanks to complete, affordable SEO packages.

This roofing company Florida managed a 4,342% organic traffic growth in under six months.

Let that sink in.

Imagine yourself, six months from now, going to sleep and waking up to an inbox full of emails from customers that need your services ASAP.

Local SEO Services For Contractors

The SEO consultant services ended up covering a wide range of tasks, including web design (page was not mobile-friendly, which is a big no from a SEO and user experience standpoint). Loading speed improvements, and poor customer targeting.

Quite simply said, this business was bleeding money and losing customers to the competition, despite having a website.

That’s never good news.

Any SEO worth their salt, knows that local SEO services need to adapt to your customer’s budget, and that’s exactly what happened. They made a moderate investment, and continuously worked their way up as customers began converting.

A carefully planned strategy was laid out and executed, using all of Google’s suite as well as an assortment of professional SEO tools.

The copywriting was revised, optimized, and then carefully monitored.

In just six months, the results speak for themselves. ROI through the roof (pun intended!), and happy faces all around.

Become The Next Success Case Study

Every year people wonder if SEO “is still worth it”, and every year the answer is the same: YES.

Just last year over 78% of businesses featured in Hubspot’s marketing report said that they’d either maintain or expand their SEO budget for their business. And with numbers like the ones we’ve seen, it makes complete sense.

Local SEO services, when performed by experienced SEO consultants is game-changing, and the data backs this up.

Bottomline is: if your business, or online store needs more customers, then it’s time you consider investing in SEO.

If you’re looking for someone that can help you turn your empty website into an automated, highly optimized sales tool then look no further – we have all the tools and expertise needed, and we’re one message away!

Thanks for reading!