SEO Consultant Services
That Boost Traffic & Sales

Ask yourself this: is your website a valuable sales funnel that brings you passive revenue every month?

If it isn’t then chances are you’ve never heard about SEO Consultant Services.

For some businesses, their website is little more than an online brochure that drains company resources every month.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

SEO Consultant Services

SEO Consultant Services are various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and tweaks performed by an expert, that allow your business to be indexed by various search engines (such as Google) for specific keywords. These keywords can redirect customers interested in buying your products and/or services to your website.

Here’s why you should be interested in acquiring SEO consultant services for your website:

Why You Need SEO Consultant Services

The SEO Industry will reach $80 billion next year because it brings small, medium and large businesses incredible returns.

EO Ranking and Revenue

Afterall SEO Consultant Services that handle long-term SEO campaigns, on average have a 14.6% conversion rate. To put this in perspective, traditional strategies such as printed ads and direct mails have a 1.7% conversion rate.

Some businesses get by with lower revenue while using traditional marketing methods, sure. Their quality products allow them to rely on references and word-to-mouth recommendations.

But they’re still leaving a lot of money to their competitors.

Other businesses also decide to promote their business and products exclusively through social media.

But they ignore the fact that search engines drive 10 times more traffic to shopping sites than social networks do.

It’s an oversight that costs businesses hundreds of thousands, if not millions in revenue.

The fact is, that numbers and statistics all show SEO Consultant Services are your business best bet for exponential growth in the middle to long term.

What is SEO ranking: How does Google rank search results?

Don’t get me wrong: your business could very well be thriving from loyal customers that promote your services to their friends and family for free.

But you’re walking out on hundreds or thousands of other potential customers that instead find your competitor’s website, just because they invested in their SEO ranking.

Here’s how our SEO Consultant Services can help you earn more:

What our SEO Consultant Services
Can Do for You:

Take a look at some of the top, research-backed benefits from hiring SEO Consultant Services

Manage Your Online Marketing Efforts

We can tell you how to:

  • Improve your website’s SEO,
  • Boost user experience signals that Google tracks and
  • Help you make your website fully responsive.
Make Your Website Mobile Friendly with SEO Services for Small Business

But, if you don’t have a marketing team that can execute all these changes for you, we can fully manage your SEO Campaign.

We coordinate with our in-house copywriters and web designers and offer competitive prices that adapt to your company’s budgets and goals.

High Quality Leads

Our SEO Consultant Services main goal is delivering high quality leads.

With an average 14.6% conversion rate, SEO campaigns put e-mail marketing and cold calling (with a 1.7% conversion rate) to the shame.

What is SEO Ranking: Authority

Target Local Customers

Our Local SEO Agency can target local customers that are ready to buy your products or hire your services. Data recollected on studies state that 72% of consumers who performed a local search, visited a retailer within a 5-mile radius.

Target Local Customers with SEO Services for Small Business


SEO-Generated leads have a 14.6% average conversion rate,
While direct mails have a 1.7% conversion rate.

Would you like to get more customers?

How SEO Consultant Services Work

Our SEO Consultant Services first objective is to pinpoint your website’s current web structure, your SEO ranking and your business’ goals.

After that, we perform a detailed SEO audit.

Complete SEO Audit

First, we scan your website’s complete web structure to detect:

  • Technical SEO issues,
  • On-page optimization opportunities,
  • HTML markups, schema markups,
  • Backlink profile and more.

Thorough Keyword Research

A major part of our SEO Services for Small Business revolves around performing a thorough keyword research that uncovers commercial keywords your business needs to target ASAP.

These keywords will be the cornerstone of your web structure and SEO campaign, which is why our SEO consultant services crosscheck across different databases for accurate data.

Complete SEO Campaign Plan

After we’ve organized keywords from highest to lowest priority, we present you a full SEO campaign plan that will generate the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

That way, you’ll know your short, medium- and long-term expectation and goals your business can look forward to.

SEO Ranking Optimization Checklist

SEO Campaign Implementation

Our SEO Consultant Services are as versatile as diverse.

You can choose whether you’d like our Local SEO Agency to manage your in-house team to execute your SEO Campaign, or delegate this crucial task to our team of experts, for very competitive prices.

This means we can work alongside you, and provide helpful educational material to your staff so they can execute your SEO campaign (and supervise your team efforts every step of the way).

Or, you can allow our SEO Consultant Services to handle everything related to your SEO campaign.

This will guarantee a flawless execution of every phase that we’ve included in your SEO campaign plan, at the very best prices.

Backlink Portfolio Audit

Our SEO consultant services also take a deep look at your current link profile and recommend new link-building opportunities for your website.

With a focus on topical relevance and link quality, our link-building prospecting services can give your SEO rankings the boost it needs.

SEO Consultant Services Backlink Audit

Web Analytics Monthly Reports

Web Analytics and goals tracking is an essential part of our affordable SEO packages. Tracking your SEO efforts in real-time and determining which adjustments are necessary is key for a successful SEO Campaign.

Sometimes, a well thought out strategy crafted six months ago becomes considerably weaker due to

  • Google Algorithm Updates, or
  • New market trends that have rendered it useless.

Weekly or Monthly Google Analytics Reports Overview

Our SEO Consultant Services include a monthly breakdown of this report over Skype, or other real-time communication tools that allow you to understand:

  • Where your SEO campaign stands,
  • What needs fixing, and
  • Which goals your business has successfully reached.

We, as fellow business owners, understand the importance of transparency and generating real solutions to your needs.

Which is why these data-backed reports are such a key part of our SEO Consultant services.

SEO Consultant Services You Can Trust

Many SEO Agencies need you to sign 3-6 months contracts for SEO Campaign supervision or execution.

And they force you to uphold these contracts without providing clear proof of the quality of their work.

Our SEO consultant services offer monthly renewal contracts because:

  • We’re confident you’ll see remarkable progress,
  • We deliver mesmerizing deliverables, and
  • We provide and explain web analytics reports that guarantee your investment and marketing efforts are in good hands.
SEO Consultant Services You Can Trust

We offer you monthly renewal contracts because we’re confident you’ll see remarkable progress, mesmerizing deliverables and monthly web analytics reports that guarantee your investment and online marketing efforts are in good hands.

When you win, we win.

Over 68% of growing companies believe making their customer’s company successful is a top priority. We at DASUS Agency believe in this philosophy.

We understand that our customer’s success is tied to our own, and it’s why we go above and beyond to provide the best SEO Consultant Services for our clients.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

All market, and consumer trends point towards the same direction:

Businesses that hire proven SEO consultant services will thrive for the next decade.


Traffic from mobile users (visitors that use smartphone, tablets and other devices) is on the rise. And they’ll represent over 50% of all sales completed online next year.

What is SEO Ranking: Keyword Research

Our SEO monthly package not only focus on making sure customers find your website, we also make sure they’re able to easily browse and buy your products from your website on any device.

It’s key details such as these that Google and other search engines consider when listing websites on the first page, where most of the money and traffic is!

Our team’s combined expertise can deliver mesmerizing results for very competitive prices. Our affordable SEO consultant services adapt to different budgets, with one goal in mind: your business’ success.

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