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So, you’ve successfully launched your website, filled it with high quality, engaging information relevant to your audience and hired an SEO consultant that can position your business in the search engines..

But how can you be sure that:

  • Your customers enjoy using your website and intuitively reach your sales pages?
  • Your prospects find your content engaging enough to actually purchase your products?
  • Your SEO campaign is effectively yielding returns for every penny you’ve invested?
  • Your website is helping you achieve your business’ goals?

The answer is: With a Web Analytics service

Our Website Analytics process consists in:


  • Recollecting and interpreting data generated by your website and its users
  • Interpreting the raw statistical data and transforming them into reports

These reports allow you to define what interests your audience and what doesn’t. They tell you how they’re currently using your website and if they think your content is relevant.

Measuring how effective your SEO campaign is and determining if the money you’ve invested in promoting your services is paying off, is the core of our Web analytics service. With us you can constantly adjust accordingly and turn your unknown weak spots into exploitable online features.

Many businesses jump into the online world thinking they know exactly who their target market is, only to find out:

They’ve completely missed the mark.

It’s a common mistake, (and one that can be easily fixed), but most of them are unaware that everything they need to know comes from a Web Analytics tool and an experienced consultant that knows how to interpret its data.

Be above these kind of mistakes and most importantly, above your competition!

Ultimately, Web Analytics is all about:

  • Protecting the money you’ve invested in Online Marketing;
  • Accessing all the data you need to fully optimize your online sales funnel;
  • Improving all your online marketing resources (copywriting, email outreach, SEO campaigns, Social Media marketing, etc.);
  • Getting monthly, easy to understand executive reports outlining tweaks and fixes to boost your online sales;
  • Auditing your Online Marketing tools and services to make sure you’re getting the returns you need.

We believe in open and honest hard work that create long lasting and successful business relationships

We highly recommend that you get a trustworthy consultant that offers a SEO and Analytics combo that allows you to measure their efforts and hours invested on your project.Constantly improving your online sales funnel should always be a priority, it’ll represents a learning experience that helps you further understand your market while boosting your sales.

Don't waste money on a website that no one will visit!

Don’t let your website become just a pretty business presentation card. Get the returns your business deserves!

  • We optimize your sales process
  • Boost your rankings on Google search results
  • We work so you can stay competitive!

Get results that justify your investments

We want our clients to be stress free when it comes to positioning their business online. We provide reports based on statistical data along with recommendations and solutions with one goal in mind: your business’ success.


Are you ready to kickstart your business in the online world, the right way? Talk to us about your projects & goals, and lets get started!

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